Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge


2016 kan natuurlijk niet fatsoenlijk beginnen voordat 2015 netjes is afgesloten. Aangezien ik vorig jaar het idiote idee had om mee te doen aan de popsugar reading challenge om 52 boeken met een bepaald thema te lezen, en dit doel op wonderbaarlijke wijze ook nog gehaald heb, lijkt het mij wel op zijn plaats om daar even een mooie lijst van te maken. Bij dezen. Mijn favoriete boeken zijn gemarkeerd met een .

☑ A Book From Your Childhood _ Pluk Van De Petteflet / Annie MG Schmidt
☑ A Banned Book _ Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov
☑ A Book Published This Year _ A Playlist For The Dead / Michelle Falkoff
A Book Of Short Stories _ Sherlock Holmes / Arthur Conan Doyle
☑ A Nonfiction Book _ The Origin Of Species / Charles Darwin

☑ A Book With A Number In The Title _ Cell 8 / Roslund & Hellström
 A Funny Book _ The Rosie Project / Graeme Simsion
☑ A Book Set In High School _ Will Grayson, Will Grayson / John Green And David Levithan
☑ A Book More Than 100 Years Old _ The Hunchback Of The Notre-Dame / Victor Hugo
☑ A Book With More Than 500 Pages _ Killing The Shadows / Val Mcdermid
 A Book Set Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted To Visit _ The Confessor / Mark Allen Smith
☑ A Book / An Author You’ve Never Read Before _ I, Lucifer / Glen Duncan
☑ A Classic Romance _ The Phantom Of The Opera / Gaston Leroux
☑ A Book That Became A Movie _ Charlotte’s Web / Eb White
☑ A Book With Nonhuman Characters _ Jungle Book / Rudyard Kipling
☑ A Book / A Female Author _ Terug Naar De Kust / Saskia Noort
☑ A Mystery Or Thriller _ Lazybones / Mark Billingham
 A Book With A One-Word Title _ Inferno / Dan Brown
☑ A Book Set In A Different Country _ An Abundance Of Katherines / John Green
☑ A Popular Author’s First Book _ Graceling / Kristin Cashore
☑ A Book You Can Finish In One Day _ The Tales Of Beedle The Bard / Jk Rowling
 A Book With A Love Triangle _ Yours Truly / Kirsty Greenwood
☑ A Book With Magic _ Clariel / Garth Nix
☑ A Book That Was Originally Written In A Different Language _ De Bakkersdochter / Sarah Mccoy
☑ A Play _ Romeo And Juliet / William Shakespeare
☑ A Book Based On Or Turned Into A Tv Show _ Grimm’s Fairytales / Brother’s Grimm 
☑ A Book From An Author You Love You Haven’t Read _ Her Fearful Symmetry / Audrey Niffenegger
☑ A Book Written / An Author With Your Same Initials _ Now You See Me / Sj Bolton
 A Book Written / Someone Under 30 _ Miracle Cure / Harlan Coben
☑ A Book Based Entirely On Its Cover _ All The Bright Places / Jennifer Niven
☑ A Book You Started But Never Finished _ Middernachtskinderen / Salman Rhusdie
☑ A Book That Came Out The Year You Were Born _ A Prayer For Owen Meaney / John Irving
☑ A Pulitzer-Prize Winning Book _ All The Light We Cannot See / Jonathan Doerr
 A Book Based On A True Story _ Time And Time Again / Ben Elton
☑ A Book At The Bottom Of Your To-Read List _ Pinocchio / Carlo Collodi
☑ A Book Your Mom Loves _ Dune / Frank Herbert
☑ A Book That Scares You _ The Canterbury Tales / Geoffrey Chaucer
☑ A Memoir _ Het Meisje Met De Negen Pruiken / Sophie Van Der Stap
☑ A Book With Bad Reviews _ The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Yeat / Sue Townsend
☑ A Trilogy _ The Maze Runner Trilogy / James Dashner
☑ A Graphic Novel _ Artemis Fowl And The Artic Incident / Eion Colfer
☑ A Book That Takes Place In Your Hometown _ De Dood Of De Gladiolen / Rudy Dek
☑ A Book Set During Christmas _ A Christmas Carol / Charles Dickens
☑ A Book Set In The Future _ The Time Machine / H.G. Wells
☑ A Book With A Color In The Title _ The White Tiger / Arivind Adiga
 A Book That Made You Cry _ Tuesdays With Morrie / Mitch Albom
☑ A Book A Friend Recommended _ Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe / Benjamin Alire Saenz


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